How Coronavirus Is Affecting Investments

As a New York Times headline so succinctly put it: “A global disease outbreak isn’t the kind of risk that many investors were trained to react to.” Add to that an oil price war involving two major producers- Saudi Arabia and Russia, and you get the sort of extreme market volatility we’ve seen since the beginning of the year when reports about the Coronavirus first surfaced, and especially in the last week.

There is currently a lot of uncertainty, eclipsing almost everything else and destroying investor confidence. There’s uncertainty about how bad the coronavirus out break currently is, how bad it can get, whether authorities can get it under control, how much will it disrupt our lives, how much will it disrupt businesses? How long will Saudi Arabia be willing to keep oil prices low to hurt Russia, how will these low prices affect US shale producers as well? What will the reactions of Russia and the US be?

These are all questions weighing heavily on investor sentiment.

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Invest in 2020

New year, new resolutions! At the start of each year many of us take the time out for the important task of goal setting for the year. A general tip is remembering that our quality of life is not normally determined by knocking off one huge goal in a year; but by making steady progress on small, achievable goals over a long period of time.  Our ambitions often include financial goals, given the impact the state of our finances has on our day to day living standards.

Common financial goals include things like:

  • Becoming debt free;
  • Improving credit score;
  • Create and stick to a budget; and
  • Saving.

All these goals are fantastic and can lead to a better life by increasing your disposable income and funds available for emergencies or goals, but we’d like to challenge you to include one other powerful financial goal this year- INVESTING!

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Six Month Anniversary of Tongaat Hulett’s Temporary Delisting from the JSE

It’s been six months since the “new” management of scandal-hit Tongaat Hulett took the decision to suspend the companies listing on the exchange as well it’s secondary listing in London.  The decision was taken following a huge accounting fraud discovery which has led the company to lose 57% of its value since the they first issued a cautionary SENS announcement in March, and 76% of its value over the whole year.

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South African startup, InvestSure, named in Top 100 InsurTech’s in the world

Today South African startup, InvestSure, was announced as one of the 100 InsurTech’s in the world. The startup secured its spot from over 1,000 companies that were reviewed by the FinTech Global panel, a specialist research firm. InvestSure offers the world’s first insurance product that covers shareholders and investors against allegations of mismanagement, fraud and corruption of JSE listed companies.

 “We are extremely proud of this achievement and thank the panelists for the recognition. This shows the world that South Africa is a market to watch in the InsurTech industry.” said Shane Curran, co-founder of InvestSure.

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