How COVID-19 has affected JSE listed companies

Covid-19’s impact on the country is massive. It has caused a national state of disaster and more than 60 days of a nationwide lockdown, unheard of in South Africa’s history.

Many companies listed on the JSE also haven’t escaped the brunt of the impact of the coronavirus.


Pepkor Holdings reported that the company had lost R5 billion in revenue in April as a result of level 5 lockdown implemented.

Pepkor has maintained strong trading momentum into July but said it is uncertain how long these levels of performance are possible as the impact of Covid-19 on the economy and employment unfolds. Continue reading “How COVID-19 has affected JSE listed companies”

Slack, Zoom, Microsoft? Stock picks!

As lockdown stretches on globally, 3 companies are at the forefront of enabling the primarily remote working environment most people find themselves in. You guessed it, Slack, Zoom and Microsoft (via Teams and MS Office online).

Our team has been working remotely since December 2019 so we had a bit of experience before remote was forced on most of the world. We use tools provided by all 3 of these companies, and as legendary investor Peter Lynch said – look at your every day life to guide you on what companies may be worth investing in! This is of course just a start, the research is of equal importance! Post 1 of 3 focuses on: Slack!

Slack Continue reading “Slack, Zoom, Microsoft? Stock picks!”

A Timeline of Sasol’s rollercoaster 2020







Strap in as we take you on Sasol’s rollercoaster 2020.

A steep turn and a frightening downward slope

The rollercoaster ride all began on the 9th of March, when Sasol’s share price took a major fall by nearly 47% after news broke that the oil price had dropped over 30% after OPEC, the oil producers’ cartel, failed to reach an agreement on production levels. Continue reading “A Timeline of Sasol’s rollercoaster 2020”

How Coronavirus Is Affecting Investments

As a New York Times headline so succinctly put it: “A global disease outbreak isn’t the kind of risk that many investors were trained to react to.” Add to that an oil price war involving two major producers- Saudi Arabia and Russia, and you get the sort of extreme market volatility we’ve seen since the beginning of the year when reports about the Coronavirus first surfaced, and especially in the last week.

There is currently a lot of uncertainty, eclipsing almost everything else and destroying investor confidence. There’s uncertainty about how bad the coronavirus out break currently is, how bad it can get, whether authorities can get it under control, how much will it disrupt our lives, how much will it disrupt businesses? How long will Saudi Arabia be willing to keep oil prices low to hurt Russia, how will these low prices affect US shale producers as well? What will the reactions of Russia and the US be?

These are all questions weighing heavily on investor sentiment.

Why is the coronavirus having such a massive impact on the global economy? Continue reading “How Coronavirus Is Affecting Investments”