South African investors can now insure their US shares held on any trading platform!

Great news for South Africans investing in the US stock market, you can now insure your US shares regardless of which trading platform you use!

InvestSure is proud to make investment fraud insurance available on the most popular US shares to all South African investors. This, following our successful launch to JSE investors in 2018 – today we have protected over 50,000 investments made by South Africans. Whether you own Amazon, Facebook, Paypal, Tesla or hundreds of other NYSE or Nasdaq listed stocks, you can now protect your wealth from the type of sudden, severe and unexpected losses that can be caused by credible allegation of wrongdoing by management. Continue reading “South African investors can now insure their US shares held on any trading platform!”

AMC (+600%), Gamestop (+800%), what just happened???

You may have seen strange comments and articles referencing AMC and Gamestop in the last couple of days. Here’s why.

Game stop is up almost 800% in 5 days, going from a $3 billion company to a $25 billion company! AMC is up almost 600% in the same period, now a $6 billion company from a $1 billion company 5 days ago. These kind of ‘returns’ are what has been sparking the storm of news around the 2 companies. MADNESS or JUSTIFIED? What is driving this?

Basically, the 2 share prices are being driven by a lot of very angry people. I kid you not.

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International companies whose share price tumbled this year due to allegations of fraud by management

Shares of many companies took a beating this year due to numerous scandals that rocked the markets. Others flourished in market conditions that accentuated their own core business thesis – mostly the tech stocks that were able to service millions in a socially distanced environment. Where shares fell, on numerous occasions they fell by more than 60%, and some have since delisted. Where does this leave investors? We take a look at the bad news caused specifically by management misleading and deceiving shareholders, which often is exposed when the business is under significant stress, the type of stress that can be brought about by an event like COVID-19. We will look at the share price impact of this type of news and give you a pointer on how to protect yourself from such risks. Continue reading “International companies whose share price tumbled this year due to allegations of fraud by management”

Advice on how to raise money for you startup

Having successfully raised capital for startups, Mbulelo Mpofana, co-founder of InvestSure and Charles Savage, CEO of the Purple Group, shares their advice on how to raise capital. 

Advice from Charles Savage, CEO of the Purple Group 

“You’ve got to do the dress rehearsal over and over again. It’s like anything in life, if you do it once you will be poor at it, if you do it twice you might be average, if you do it repeatedly you will get better at it.” Additionally Savage recommends continuously pitching your business in front of people. Practice is key and results in more confidence.  Continue reading “Advice on how to raise money for you startup”

Slack, Zoom, Microsoft? Stock picks! (3 / 3)


As lockdown stretches on globally, 3 companies are at the forefront of enabling the primarily remote working environment most people find themselves in. You guessed it, Slack, Zoom and Microsoft (via Teams).

Our team has been working remotely since December 2019 so we had a bit of experience before remote was forced on most of the world. We use tools provided by all 3 of these companies, and as legendary investor Peter Lynch said – look at your every day life to guide you on what companies may be worth investing in! This is of course just a start, the research is of equal importance! Post 3 of 3 focuses on: Microsoft!


InvestSure have used the email and storage services of this technology giant from day 1, paying per user. Microsoft Teams is seen as their remote Continue reading “Slack, Zoom, Microsoft? Stock picks! (3 / 3)”